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Update quick stock adjustment

We improved quick stock adjustment.


Published by The BlueTill team

What's changing?

Quick stock Adjustment screen
1. 2. 3. When typing the SKU, Stock no, or description, the system will search the item start with letters. For example, if you type the 'surface'  in the Description box, the system searches the item's description starts with 'surface'. It'll display the result automatically when you type the letter.
We separated the search box for SKU, Stock No, and Description.
4. If you want to search the item with Lookup screen like an Invoice screen, just click the 'Open Lookup' button.
5. The default search item will be displayed 100 records. So it'll search much faster than before 🚀

  • The BlueTill team

    We improved quick inventory adjustment. You can search the item with sku, stock no, or description. If you want to use the item lookup screen like an invoice, you can do it 🎉

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