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Change SKU (Barcode) for Existing Item

You can change the SKU(barcode) and it will affect all areas like sale, purchase, package setup and touch screen item, etc.


Published by The BlueTill team

Open the Item Edit Screen

If you want to change the SKU (barcode), now it's possible to do it. Just go to the item edit screen, then click the Change SKU button.
Change SKU button on the edit item screen

Enter New SKU (barcode)

On changing screen just enter the new SKU(barcode). It will affect all areas like sale, purchase, stocktake, package, and touch button item, etc.
SKU changing screen

Demo video:

  • The BlueTill team

    Hi BlueTill Users,

    We just added a new feature. Now you can change the existing SKU with a new one. It’s an awesome function if you want to change SKU without deleting, and keep all histories.

  • Release was published!
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